Which part of Philippines is Bohol?

Is Bohol north or south?

Bohol, island, Visayan group, south-central Philippines. The island, roughly oval in shape, lies between the Camotes Sea (north) and the Bohol Sea (south).

Is Bohol part of Western Visayas?

There are three administrative regions in the Visayas: Western Visayas (pop.


Native name: Kabisay-an (Visayan) Kabisayaan (Tagalog)
Major islands Bohol Cebu Leyte Negros Panay Samar
Area 71,503 km2 (27,607 sq mi)

What kind of place is Bohol?


It is composed of an oval-shaped mainland surrounded by 72 smaller islands. A popular tourist destination, the province is abundant of beaches and resorts. Its well-known beaches are found in Panglao Island, which is situated south-west of the province, and in Anda, located on the island’s east side.

Is Bohol part of Region 7?

Located in the central part of the Visayas island group. Region 7 consists of four provinces – Bohol, Cebu, Negros Oriental, and Siquijor, highly urbanized cities and developing municipalities.

Is Bohol part of Mindanao?

The Bohol Sea, also called the Mindanao Sea, is located between the Visayas and Mindanao islands in the Philippines. It lies south of Bohol and Leyte and north of Mindanao.

Bohol Sea
Bohol Sea Location within the Philippines
Location Central Visayas Northern Mindanao Caraga Eastern Visayas Zamboanga Peninsula
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