Which part of Vietnam is the primary rice growing agricultural area?

In which area is the rice major crop?


In Karnataka, rice is mainly grown in the valleys of the Wainganga, the Tungabhadra and the Cauvery and in the northern red soil areas. Tumkur, Dakshina Kannada, Shimoga, Mandya, Uttar Kannada, Mysore, Raichur and Kodagu are the main producers.

Is agriculture big in Vietnam?

In addition, agriculture has been the largest employer across economic sectors in Vietnam, employing over 18.8 million Vietnamese in 2019.

What climate is rice grown in?

Rice originates in tropical lowlands and requires a long, warm growing season but is cultivated commercially in California and some of the Southeastern states. It thrives in USDA hardiness zones 9b through 10a. It can be grown wherever nighttime temperatures stay above 60 degrees for at least three months of the year.

Where is rice grown in America?

Four regions produce almost the entire U.S. rice crop:

  • Arkansas Grand Prairie;
  • Mississippi Delta, (parts of Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri, and Louisiana);
  • Gulf Coast (Texas and Southwest Louisiana); and.
  • Sacramento Valley of California.
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