Who is responsible for deforestation in Malaysia?

Who is mainly responsible for deforestation?

1. Agricultural Expansion. The conversion of forests into agricultural plantations is a major cause of deforestation. The increase in global demand for commodities, such as palm oil and soybeans, are driving industrial-scale producers to clear forests at an alarming rate.

What is the cause of deforestation in Malaysia?

Deforestation and forest degradation in Malaysia is a complex phenomenon with varying causes. So far, however, the focus is largely on direct or proximate causes like industrial logging, large-scale commercial oil palm plantations and agribusiness, road construction and large dams.

What are the five main causes of deforestation?

The most common pressures causing deforestation and severe forest degradation are agriculture, unsustainable forest management, mining, infrastructure projects and increased fire incidence and intensity.

What deforestation is taking place in Malaysia?

One particular area, Borneo Island (which is shared by three Southeast Asian countries, Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia) has endured major deforestation, losing 50% of its lowland rainforest, mainly to massive deforestation for palm oil plantations (Shoumatoff 2017).

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