Who organized Ballet Philippines in 1970?

Who created the first ballet company?

In the late 17th century Louis XIV founded the Académie Royale de Musique (the Paris Opera) within which emerged the first professional theatrical ballet company, the Paris Opera Ballet.

What is Alice Reyes contribution to Philippine dance?

She was chiefly responsible in popularizing contemporary dance with the Alice Reyes Dance Company which staged the first modern dance concert at the Cultural Center of the Philippines Main Theater in February 1970. It was this company that later became Ballet Philippines.

What did Louis XIV do for ballet?

In 1653 Louis XIV created his first dance performance, “Ballet de la Nuit” or “ballet of the night.” Lasting for twelve hour straight (sundown to sunset) it depicted a metaphoric image of France in the “darkness” until Louis himself came to play the light that would save the country and bring hope to the people.

How was Philippine contemporary dance started?

Rising from the rubbles of WW II and freed from American domination, the Filipinos surged in creativity. The ’50 and ’60s saw dance revival and choreographic invention. In ballet, Orosa Goquingco went to stage Noli Dance Suit and other ballets. …

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