Who will replace Cardinal Tagle as archbishop of Manila?

Who is the new archbishop?

Pope Francis appoints Archbishop Wilton Gregory as first Black American cardinal. Gregory served three times as head of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Who can be the next pope?

Papabili in future conclave – The Next Pope (2020)

Country Name Age
South Africa Wilfrid Napier (age 80)
United States Sean Patrick O’Malley (age 77)
Canada Marc Ouellet (age 77)
Italy Pietro Parolin (age 66)

Is Tagle the next pope?

POPE Francis has appointed Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle as member of the Congregation for the Eastern Churches (CEC). The CEC collaborates with 23 Eastern Catholic churches and communities and runs eight colleges in Rome.

Who is above a bishop in the Catholic Church?

In the Catholic Church, archbishops and bishops rank below cardinals. Becoming a bishop is the third and fullest level of the Sacrament of Holy Orders. The first level is the ordination of a deacon, the second is the ordination of a priest, and the third is the ordination of a bishop.

How many cardinals are there in the Philippines?

The Philippines has produced nine cardinals. The population of Catholics in the Philippines constitutes the country’s largest religious denomination, as well as one of the largest Catholic populations among countries of the world.

How many archbishops are there in the Philippines?

Each diocese is led by a bishop. In the Philippines, all archbishops are provincial metropolitans. Each color represents one of the 16 Latin Church provinces.

List of Current Bishops.

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Ecclesiastical Province Manila
See Diocese of Cubao
Ordinary Honesto F. Ongtioco
Date of Appointment Aug 28, 2003 (18 years, 58 days)