Why didnt Billy Joel go to Vietnam?

What message is Billy Joel trying to convey about the war in Goodnight Saigon?

Saigon is a city in Vietnam where major combat operations took place during the Vietnam War. Joel wrote the song as a tribute to many of his friends who had served in the war. In the song, Joel imagines what it must have been like deep in the combat-addled terrain.

What ethnicity is Billy Joel?

Joel, whose father was a German Jewish immigrant, was raised in Hicksville, a middle-class suburb on Long Island, New York. He was steered toward classical music by his parents and began piano lessons at age 4. At age 14, enamoured of the British Invasion and soul music, he began playing in bands.

What is Billy Joels net worth?

How Billy Joel Achieved a Net Worth of $180 Million

Net Worth $180 Million
Name William Martin Joel
Age 71
Born Bronx, New York
Birth Date May 9, 1949

What is the theme of Goodnight Saigon?

The song narrates how terrible the war was and what they underwent. The lyrics focus on the U.S. Marines battling out, fighting their fears, and trying to figure out how to survive. Moreover, “Goodnight Saigon” emphasizes that everyone who partook in the war are all in the situation together.

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Who wrote goodbye Saigon?

Where is Billy Joel originally from?