Why do Filipinos want to work in Japan?

Why do Filipinos want to go to Japan?

Coming from an archipelago that only has two seasons, Filipinos are typically drawn to Japan because they get to experience winter, spring, summer, and fall — without being too far away. It does help that Japan is beautiful all year ’round.

Why are you interested in working in Japan?

Technologically most advance country – Japan, is undoubtedly the most technically advanced country. … Apart from job stability, Japanese company also offer decent employee benefits like medical care, pension, some cases travelling too. Clean and safe environment – Japan offers a clean and well-organised environment.

Why do you think most Filipino workers choose to work in Asia?

They work abroad because they feel that their skills would not need in their own country and also because of the very poor salary that they can have in this country. Many Filipino want to work abroad because of the high salary and benefits that other countries can offer.

Why do you want to come to Japan?

Japan is the most amazing tourist destination and it offers many unique experiences that you cannot find in any other part of the world. The culture of this country is an interesting blend of Eastern traditions and Western modernity that can be seen everywhere.

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Why did you choose Japan?

It’s an incredibly well run country

Japan is the third strongest economy in the world and life is very comfortable there as a consequence. It’s incredibly safe and clean. Their health system is cheap and efficient. Public transportation is reliable.

Why do Filipino prefer to work abroad?

The first reason why Filipinos want to work abroad is because of better career opportunities. Unlike in the Philippines where there is a limited number of jobs, there are more job openings abroad, which means that you will likely find more vacancies and opportunities if you go outside the Philippines.

Why are Filipinos preferred workers?

Filipinos are usually good employees. They follow the rules and company policies and have respect for authority. They are also a peace loving bunch who tries to avoid conflict and aim for a win-win solution for every situation.

Why do you think a lot of Filipinos work to other countries and leave their children in their own country?

Most Filipinos go abroad to get a higher salary. But the young are also motivated to leave their country to acquire new skills, pursue a career and experience other cultures. Some seek this opportunity to reunite with families that are already living abroad.