Why monsoon is important in South and Southeast Asia?

How do monsoons affect Southeast Asia?

The summer monsoon brings a humid climate and torrential rainfall to these areas. India and Southeast Asia depend on the summer monsoon. Agriculture, for example, relies on the yearly rain. Many areas in these countries do not have large irrigation systems surrounding lakes, rivers, or snowmelt areas.

What is the importance of monsoon in the life of Asians?

The Asian monsoon is one of the most vigorous climatic phenomena on Earth and also one of the most societally important. The monsoon drives vital seasonal rainstorms that water crops and forests as well as damaging typhoons and floods.

Why are the monsoons important for India?

Monsoon is one of the most important seasons for farmers for a country so dependent on its agro-industry. Most of the Indian agricultural land is irrigated by the southwest monsoon. Crops such as wheat, rice, pulses, which are a staple in Indian diets, need heavy rainfalls to grow.

How are monsoons helpful and harmful?

Monsoons can have both negative and positive effects. Flooding caused by monsoon rains can destroy property and crops (SF Fig. … However, seasonal monsoon rains can also provide freshwater for drinking and crop irrigation.

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How do monsoons affect the population of South Asia?

How do monsoons affect peoples lives in South Asia? They give them water and cause heavy rains. … Because when it overflows during the summer monsoons it can kill people and destroy their property.

Why is the monsoon so crucial to life in South Asia?

Why are monsoon winds so important to India and other parts of Asia? … The monsoons control the weather and can destroy farm land if they come too early or too late and cause starvation. They can also help the people though, with water for their crops, but if too much rainfall comes they can cause flooding.

What is the effect of monsoon in the Philippines?

While the rain may ease farmers to irrigate the rice fields, the heavy rainfall may trigger floods, landslides, and potentially endanger residents living near riverbanks. The typhoons that habagat brings, unfortunately, cause millions, sometimes billions, worth of reconstruction damage and kill hundreds of Filipinos.

How do monsoons affect the culture and the economy of South Asia?

With the increase in individual income from a successful harvest, government can spend less on public assistance programs including welfare and subsidies on things like fuel. Power is also generated from the monsoons, with the water power from the rains being converted into electricity.

What are the special features of monsoon winds in Asia?

The relevant features in explaining the monsoon mechanism are as follows: The presence of abundant water bodies around the subcontinent: the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal, and Indian Ocean. These help moisture accumulate in the winds during the hot season.

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