You asked: Are there wild crocodiles in Cambodia?

Are there crocodiles in Cambodia rivers?

Siamese crocodiles used to be abundant and widespread in rivers and swamps throughout Southeast Asia, including Cambodia, but their numbers fell during the 20th century due to the collection for crocodile farms, hunting, and habitat loss.

Where are crocodiles in Cambodia?

Past surveys have found populations in Cambodia’s Cardamom mountains as well as along the Mekong mainstream north of Kratie, and a WWF-led survey is underway to estimate crocodile population size along the Srepok River in Mondulkiri Protected Forest.

Are there wild crocodiles in Vietnam?

There are two species of crocodile that can be found throughout Vietnam: the Siamese crocodile and the saltwater crocodile. However, due to overhunting and habitat destruction, both species are rarely found in the wild in Vietnam. … As the name suggests, these crocodiles inhabit salty, primarily brackish, waters.

Are there wild crocodiles in Cambodia?

Fewer than 250 adults remain, mostly in Cambodia, where an FFI-led survey team rediscovered the species in early 2000. FFI is working with the Cambodian government and local communities to safeguard the remaining wild crocodiles and their habitat by developing crocodile sanctuaries protected by local community wardens.

Are there alligators or crocodiles in Vietnam?

Are There Alligators In Vietnam? There are no alligators in Vietnam. However, there are saltwater crocodiles, which many people confuse for gators on account of their lean body and scale patterns.

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Do alligators live in Thailand?

Thailand – the most croc-infested country in the world – is home to a thriving ‘reptile ranching’ industry that supplies the world with gator and crocodile skins, the Sydney Times reported.