You asked: What are the recent disaster hazards that hit the Philippines?

What disasters happened in the Philippines year 2020?

Typhoon Molave (Quinta), Super Typhoon Goni (Rolly) and Typhoon Vamco (Ulyssess) were the three most destructive typhoons in 2020, which caused widespread damage in Region 5 and severe floodings in Region 2 and Metro Manila.

What are the disaster hazards in the Philippines?

The country’s location also makes it vulnerable to other natural disasters including frequent earthquakes, volcanic eruptions as well as tsunamis, sea-level rise, storm surges, landslides, flooding, and drought.

What are the disasters of 2020?

Historic U.S. billion-dollar disasters of 2020

  • Hurricane Laura (August 2020): $19.0 billion, 42 deaths.
  • Historic Midwest Derecho (August 2020): $11.0 billion, 4 deaths.
  • Western Wildfires – California, Oregon, Washington Firestorms (August-December 2020): $16.5 billion, 46 deaths.

What are the recent disaster hazards that hit the Philippines?

In the past year, aside from the COVID-19 pandemic, two major disasters occurred in the country: typhoon Ulysses and Taal volcano eruption, halted public life, business, and mobility which affected the Philippines’ economy.

What are the possible hazards that may lead to disaster?

Among the natural hazards and possible disasters to be considered are:

  • Earthquakes.
  • Volcanic Eruptions.
  • Tsunami.
  • Landslides.
  • Subsidence.

Which is the biggest disaster in 2020?


  • 2020 Ahmedabad chemical factory blast.
  • Cyclone Amphan.
  • 2020 Assam gas and oil leak.
  • Aurangabad railway accident.
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Why are there so many disasters in 2020?

Hotter weather dries out the grasses and forest debris that can ignite, fueling bigger and longer-lasting wildfires. And rising seas and heavier downpours mean higher flood risks during storms. These factors have helped push some of this year’s disasters to surpass—and in some cases, shatter—previous records.