You asked: What crops does Laos grow?

What are major crops in Laos?

Today, 72 percent of the total cultivated area is dedicated to rice. Most of the provinces that are deficit in rice are surplus maize producers. Other important economic crops include coffee, sugarcane, cassava, sweet potato and industrial tree crops (such as rubber, eucalyptus and acacia).

What is Laos known for producing?

Among agricultural products often produced as cash crops are mung-beans, soybeans, peanuts, tobacco, cotton, sugarcane, coffee, and tea. … The major export products from Laos’ agricultural sector are timber, lumber, plywood, and coffee. The major agricultural imports are sugar, condensed milk, and long-grain rice.

Why is rice not a major crop in Laos?

Rice farming in Laos is the least commercialised within the Lower Mekong. Moreover, Laos has suffered the most from variability in production due to the high incidence of droughts and floods.

What is the main industry in Laos?

Economy of Laos

Main industries Copper, tin, gold, and gypsum mining; timber, electric power, agricultural processing, rubber construction, garments, cement and tourism
Ease-of-doing-business rank 154th (below average, 2020)
Exports $3.654 billion (2017 est.)

Is Laos one of the poorest countries?

Despite its growth, Laos remains one of the poorest countries in the world, with a gross domestic product equal to less than 3% of neighboring Thailand, and less than 1% of the United States. About one-third of Laos’ population are living below the poverty line.

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Is rice farming commercial or subsistence?


intensive subsistence wet rice dominant 4 C and A
intensive subsistence – crops other than rice 5 D
plantations (commercial agriculture, not subsistence, but usually found in LDCs) 12 A
Commercial Regions: usually MDCs MAP # CLIMATE TYPE