You asked: When was Indonesia called Dutch East Indies?

When did the Dutch East Indies became Indonesia?

Dutch East Indies, also called Netherlands East Indies, Dutch Nederlands Oost-Indië or Nederlandsch-Indië, one of the overseas territories of the Netherlands until December 1949, now Indonesia.

What did the Dutch do to Indonesia?

This war, which was an unsuccessful attempt by the Dutch to regain control of Indonesia following its proclamation of independence in 1945, resulted in 5,000 Dutch deaths, 150,000 Indonesian deaths and involved Dutch forces raping, torturing, and executing thousands of Indonesian civilians.

Which nation controlled Indonesia in 1946?

Linggadjati Agreement. The Linggadjati Agreement, brokered by the British and concluded in November 1946, saw the Netherlands recognise the Republic as the de facto authority over Java, Madura, and Sumatra.

What is a nickname for Indonesia?

That is why Indonesia is called as the emerald of the equator.

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