Your question: How do I get my orchid to bloom in Singapore?

What is the best fertilizer for orchids to bloom?

Orchids grown normally– Orchids that are not grown in bark normally have a better balance of nutrients. A water soluble 20-20-20 fertilizer is suitable for this kind of application. For boosting blooms next year, use a fertilizer with high phosphorus like 10-30-20 in the fall.

How do you know when an orchid is going to bloom?

How to Tell If an Orchid Is Going to Bloom

  1. Examine your orchid plant closely for signs of a new stalk emerging. …
  2. Check the old stalk on orchids, such as Dendrobiums that rebloom on the same stalk. …
  3. Observe the number of hours of sunlight your orchid receives a day. …
  4. Note your orchids blooming cycle.
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