Your question: How many beaches are there in Malaysia?

How many beaches are in Malaysia?

If you are looking for a great getaway from urban lifestyle, then Malaysia is the right destination to do it. With a collection of more than 878 Islands and Beaches in Malaysia, some of the best beaches of Malaysia can be found at Langkawi and Perhentian Islands.

Can you swim in Malaysia?

Where to Swim. … Beach swimming is not possible around KL, but when in vacation-planning mode, remember there are many islands around Malaysia ideal for swimming, places where the water is clear and pristine, such as the Perhentian Islands, Redang Island, and Coral Bay in Pangkor.

Which state is home to the longest cleanest beach in Malaysia?

Terengganu is located at the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia with a population of 1 million people. This state has 244 km coastline, the longest coastline in Malaysia where you will be able to find some of the cleanest beaches in Peninsular Malaysia.

Where is the sea in Malaysia?

Off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia is the South China Sea, while a small part in the north lies within the Gulf of Thailand. These form part of the marginal seas of the Pacific Ocean. The Straits of Johor off the south of Peninsular acts as a maritime border of Malaysia and Singapore.

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Can you wear shorts in Kuala Lumpur?

While it is preferable to wear pants in Kuala Lumpur, it is fine to wear skirts and shorts. Just don’t wear “short shorts” or mini skirts. Mid-thigh shorts and skirts are generally sufficient. … If the weather is particularly warm, don’t worry about torturing yourself by wearing pants.

Is Thailand cheaper than Malaysia?

Malaysia is 16.6% cheaper than Thailand.

Is it safe to go to Kuala Lumpur?

There’s an ongoing threat of terrorism, including in Kuala Lumpur and other major cities. Be alert to possible threats, especially in public places or during major events or holidays that may attract large crowds. … There’s a high threat of kidnapping in the coastal areas of eastern Sabah.