Your question: What is class 4 license in Singapore?

How do I get a Class 4 license in Singapore?

For Class 4 License:

  1. NRIC (Singaporean/Permanent Resident)
  2. Passport & Work Permit/Employment Pass (Foreigner)
  3. Valid Class 3 Driving Licence.
  4. Valid vehicle insurance certificate.
  5. Valid Class 4 Provisional Driving Licence (PDL)
  6. Photocopy of valid PDI licence (Private students ONLY)

What is class 5 license Singapore?

Heavy motor vehicles of unladen weight exceeding 2500 kg which are constructed to carry load or passengers. … Heavy motor vehicles not constructed to carry any load and the unladen weight exceeds 7250 kg. 21. Persons must hold a Class 4 Qualified Licence before applying for a Class 5 licence.

What is a class 4 DL?

Class 4 Alberta Drivers Licence

Licence permits an operator to drive: a taxi, ambulance or bus (including school or kindergarten buses) where seating capacity is not over 24, excluding the operator. all motor vehicles included under Class 5.

What is Class 3 license Singapore?

A Class 3 licence allows you to drive motor cars of unladen weight not exceeding 3000 kg with not more than 7 passengers, exclusive of the driver. It includes motor tractors and other motor vehicles of unladen weight not exceeding 2500 kg.

How much does it cost to get class 4 license?


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Enrolment Fee (valid for 1 year) $108.82 $108.82
Theory Lesson – 1 lesson (100 mins) $42.80 $42.80
5 sessions (110 mins) practical lesson @$149.80 per session $749.00 NA
4 sessions (110 mins) practical lesson @$160.50 per session NA $642.00

What is class 4 license in Singapore?

Class 4 vehicles consist of heavy motor cars and motor tractors, the weight of which unladen exceeds 2,500 kilograms.

How do I get a Class 5 license in Singapore?

Enrolment Pre-requisite

  1. 21 years old and above (based on date of birth)
  2. Enrol in person and pass an eyesight and colour blindness test.
  3. Physically and mentally fit.
  4. Must not accumulate more than 12 demerit points under the Driver Improvement Points System (DIPS)

What is a Class 4 vehicle?

Class 4. This includes most road vehicles: Cars (with up to eight passenger seats) … Private passenger vehicles (up to 12 passenger seats) Goods and services vehicles with a gross weight of up to 3,000kg.

Can a Class 3 drive a Class 4?

With a Class 3 Licence in Alberta you can drive: any motor vehicle that the holder of a Class 5 licence may drive. … a Class 2 or 4 type vehicle without passengers (bus, taxi, ambulance) a Class 1, 2 or 6 vehicles as a learner only.

How do you get class 4 in BC?

A Class 4 Learner’s Licence is required and can be earned by studying the ICBC Driving Commercial Vehicles book and passing a knowledge test at a Driver Services Centre.

What is class 4 license Alberta?

What You Can Drive with a Class 4 Licence. When you have your Class 4 Commercial Licence, you have the ability to operate several professional and commercial vehicles that many careers require—from school buses to service vehicles, plus all the vehicles permitted with a full Class 5 licence.

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