Your question: Where can I get pins in Singapore?

How much should pins cost?

Designing One-of-a-Kind Items: How Much Do Custom Pins Cost to Create?

Per Unit Pin Pricing*
Size 50 500
1 x 1 in $4.42 $1.06
1 x 1.5 in $4.50 $1.10
1.5 x 1.5 in $4.68 $1.18

How much does it cost to get pins made?

What is a fair price to pay? From experience, most custom enamel pin factories will usually charge you anywhere between $145 to $220 for 100 units of a simple, 1-2 inch hard or soft enamel pin.

Why are enamel pins expensive?

Enamel pins are expensive because you must create a mold in order to produce an enamel pin. … Most people order small quantities so the price per pin may seem high, but it is because they are paying to create a mold and spreading the cost over few pins. A typical enamel pin mold costs $50.

How much do soft enamel pins cost?

Soft enamel pins range in price from $0.46 cents per pin up to $3.14 per pin depending on the size and quantity ordered. A typical 100 qty – 1-inch soft enamel pin will cost $2.49 per. A 10,000 qty – . 75-inch soft enamel pin will cost $0.46 cents.

How do I start a pin business?

If you want to start an enamel pin business, here are the things that you can follow.

  1. Start with a Unique Design. We know that enamel pins custom designs are more popular right now. …
  2. Set a Budget. …
  3. Create The Pins. …
  4. Create a Website. …
  5. Social Media Marketing. …
  6. Look for a Manufacturer.
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Are enamel pins ethical?

Most places are getting their pins produced in China too, but are charging you a massive multiple and pretending they made them. The remarkable thing is, we already did the hard work. Our approved factory is audited to make sure it meets ethical and safety standards.


Create Mold 3-4 Days
Carding 2-3 Days