Are there monkeys in Cambodia?

Is it legal to own a monkey in Cambodia?

According to the Cambodia Wildlife Alliance, owning wild animals for purposes other than scientific research or breeding is illegal, as is killing them. … Seng Chamroeun said after the monkey was shot, the victim’s son carried the animal home.

Can you buy a monkey in Cambodia?

It’s illegal to keep pet monkeys in many parts of the world, including Cambodia and Vietnam where most of them are presently.

What kind of monkey lives in Cambodia?

Cambodia is home to the world’s largest known populations of some primate species, including the critically endangered black-shanked douc; potentially more than 90% of all black-shanked douc in the world live in one protected area in the east of Cambodia, Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary.

Can you own a monkey in Vietnam?

Possession of a macaque of any species is illegal in Vietnam unless a permit has been granted by the Forest Protection Department (FPD), whose remit includes enforcement of the legislation. Such permits are rarely granted and cannot be legally granted for the purposes of pet ownership.

Can macaques be pets?

While macaques aren’t very big, they’re strong and they can be aggressive. … Stress-associated health and behavioural problems are quite common in pet macaques. The lifespan of these monkeys also needs to be considered. If properly cared for, they can live up to 25 years.

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Where can I report monkey abuse in Cambodia?

The Cambodian Government Forestry Administration – or on Facebook. The Cambodian Ministry of Environment – or on Facebook.

What do the five stone towers of Angkor Wat represent?

At the center of Angkor Wat are five towers that represent the five peaks of Mount Meru. The round towers mark out the corners and the center of the innermost square of the complex. Like the mountain peaks they represent, the towers are pointed on top.

How old is Amari monkey?

About 4 weeks ago the Wildlife Alliance in Cambodia received a 14 year old mother long tailed macaque monkey, she was named Amari.