Best answer: How hot is Malaysia in October?

Is October a good time to go to Malaysia?

The months between March and October are considered the best time to visit the country. This period is characterised by mostly dry weather and clear skies. … If your travel plans include the islands on Malaysia’s west coast, consider booking a trip during the first two months of the year.

Is October a good time to visit Kuala Lumpur?

Weather in Kuala Lumpur during March and April becomes humid and is the main monsoon season of Kuala Lumpur. Other than that, months of October to November also witness showers. … Therefore, the best time to visit Kuala Lumpur is from May to July or December to February.

Is it usually hot in October?

Most major American cities enjoy mild weather during October. Daytime high temperatures are typically 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (16 to 27 degrees Celsius) and the nights always average above freezing.

What is the weather like in Malaysia in October?

In October, the average temperature in Malaysia depends on which part of the country you’re visiting. On the west coast temperatures average around 29°C, while Kuala Lumpur is slightly cooler at 27°C. The east coast resorts including Redang and Kuantan also average 29°C at this time of year.

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Is October a good time to visit Penang?

May to October: This is the wettest season in Penang and the city witnesses a drop in tourists. Though if it’s a quiet vacation you’re looking for then this is the best time to visit Penang. Since this is not a very busy season you can avail of great discounts on your hotel stay.

Is Malaysia hot all year round?

Malaysia enjoys tropical weather year round however due to its proximity to water the climate is often quite humid. Despite this, the weather is never too hot and temperatures range from a mild 20°C to 30°C average throughout the year; however the highlands experience cooler temperatures.

Is October a good time to visit Langkawi?

High Season, Dry season (October – March)

With average temperatures around 34°C, this is the perfect time to visit Langkawi. But since it is the tourist season, expect higher rates on almost everything.

How many days are enough for Kuala Lumpur?

Place #1: Kuala Lumpur

The Malaysian capital is a thriving hub of bars, restaurants and street food stalls. There’s enough to do in Kuala Lumpur to keep you busy for the entire week, but you can cover the unmissable sights in two days.