Best answer: How much cash can you take into Cambodia?

What can I bring into Cambodia?

What Can you Bring into Cambodia?

  • Up to 2 liters of wine.
  • 400 cigarettes, 100 cigars, or 400 grams of tobacco.
  • 350 milliliters of perfume.
  • Medicine for personal use.
  • Other items not categorized as prohibited goods that the passenger requires for traveling, in limited quantities.

How much alcohol can I bring to Cambodia?

Visitors who are 18 years or older are allowed to bring into Cambodia 200 cigarettes or the equivalent amount of tobacco, and one opened bottle of liquor and perfume for personal use. Currency in possession must be declared on arrival.

How much cash can I bring into Jordan?

Jordan customs

An unlimited amount of local currency can be imported into the country providing it is not converted into foreign money when leaving the country. No limit on the amount of foreign currency that can enter the country providing that it is declared upon arrival although Israeli currency is illegal.

How much cash can you take into Cambodia?

Currency Import regulations:

Foreign currencies: up to a max. of USD 10,000. – or equivalent is allowed. Exceeding amounts must be declared on arrival.

How do I get an import license for Cambodia?

Both importers and exporters first need to register with Cambodia’s Department of Business Registration, under the Ministry of Commerce. This enables them to proceed with international business. A trade license is required for import or export of goods for commercial purpose from and into Cambodia.

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Do they accept US dollars in Jordan?

Currency. The local currency is the Jordanian Dinar, or “JD”, which is divided into one hundred piasters or one thousand fils. … Although US$ are widely accepted, it is prudent to carry Jordanian dinars while you travel through Jordan.

Can I take alcohol into Jordan?

Unlike Saudi Arabia,no problem bringing your own alcohol to Jordan. Beers are readily available at most restaurants but no harm bringing your favorite!.