Best answer: Where is the Laos jungle?

How much of Laos is forest?

According to the U.N. FAO, 40% of Laos is forested according to a 2011 assessment by the country’s Department of Forestry, significantly lower than the 68% or 15.75 million ha estimated by the FAO in 2010. Of the FAO’s estimate, 9% or 1.49 million hectares is classified as primary forest.

Where is the Laotian rainforest located?

The Luang Prabang montane rain forests ecoregion (WWF ID:IM0121) covers elevations over 800 meters in the Luang Prabang mountains that straddle the border between northern Thailand and north-central Laos, and the highlands that stretch eastward across north-central Laos.

Is Laos in China?

At the heart of the Indochinese Peninsula, Laos is bordered by Myanmar and China to the northwest, Vietnam to the east, Cambodia to the southeast and Thailand to the west and southwest. Its capital and largest city is Vientiane.

Is Laos in Thailand?

Vietnam encompasses Laos along the eastern edge of the country, while the southwest border is shared with Cambodia. Thailand can be found along the southwestern and western borders of Laos.

The Population and Area of Laos.

Official Name Lao People’s Democratic Republic
Common Name Laos
Languages Lao
Area 236,800 km²

What causes deforestation in Laos?


The deforestation is caused by slash and burn farming, agricultural expansion, and migration and population increase represented by the red dots. Other factors believed to be contributing are: fuel wood consumption, forest fire, large-scale concessions, and illegal logging.

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What led to the rapid increase in deforestation in Laos?

Since the mid-1980s widespread commercial harvesting of timber for the export market has disrupted the traditional gathering of forest products in a number of locations and contributed to extremely rapid deforestation throughout the country.