Can I get marriage license anywhere in the Philippines?

Where can I get a marriage license in the Philippines?

This is issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO) and must be obtained by both parties. This can be obtained from the NSO, or apply online; contact NSO Helpline Plus on +632 737 1111, or email the office for assistance if required.

Can I use the marriage license anywhere?

Thus, although a marriage license is valid only for a limited period, it may be presented and used in a place different from the original place of its issuance.

Can you get married without a marriage license in the Philippines?

A marriage license represents the authority to enter a contract of marriage. This is granted to the couple by the State only after the proper government official has inquired into their capacity. You are generally not allowed to get married in the Philippines unless you have obtained a marriage license.

How do I get a marriage license in the Philippines 2020?


  1. Marriage License Application Form.
  2. Identification Card, bearing applicant’s residential address.
  3. Birth or Baptismal Certificates of both applicants.
  4. Community Tax Certificate (Cedula)
  5. One (1) ID photo of both applicants.
  6. If Applicable: Municipal Form No. 92 (Consent of Marriage of a Person Under Age)
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Can you apply marriage license online?

Couples can now apply for a Marriage License in person or online at

What documents do I need to marry in Philippines?

You need to provide the full name, residence, and citizenship of your parents or guardians. If either of you is not a citizen of the Philippines, you have to provide your passport and a certificate of legal capacity to contract marriage. An affidavit in lieu of the certificate may also be accepted.

How do I know if my marriage is registered?

To be sure, try calling the NSO hotline at 737-1111, or better yet, go to your local civil registry or the NSO personally to check if your marriage has been registered.

What is the validity of a marriage license?

When the license is issued, the same shall be valid in any part of the country for a period of one hundred twenty (120) days from the date of issue, and shall be deemed automatically cancelled at the expiration of the same period if the contracting parties have not made use of it.

How can you legally get married without a marriage license?

Whether you get legally married before, after, or never, a commitment ceremony is a perfectly legitimate and personal way to become married in the eyes of yourselves and those who know you. Commitment ceremonies mark the tradition from “dating” to “married.” Basically, it’s getting married without a marriage license.

What happens if your marriage is not registered in Philippines?

Dear PAO, It is considered as valid if the parties who are male and female and have legal capacity to contract marriage freely consented to a marriage in the presence of the solemnizing officer (Article 2, Family Code). …

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Can I get married without Cenomar?

As the name implies, this legal document certifies that a person has never been married. Individually, you and your partner must secure a CENOMAR from the PSA. But if one or both of you are widowed, you need to get a death certificate of the deceased spouse (also from the PSA) instead of a CENOMAR.