Do most people live in apartments in Singapore?

Do Singaporeans live in apartments?

The majority of Singapore residents live in subsidised public housing flats built by the Housing and Development Board (HDB). … Some condos even offer ultimate privacy and peace via private lifts that go straight to the unit.

What percentage of people live in apartments in Singapore?

In 2020, 81 percent of the resident population in Singapore lived in public housing under the Housing and Development Board (HDB).

Characteristic Share of population
2020 80%
2019 81%
2018 81%
2017 82%

Do people live in houses or apartments in Singapore?

The vast majority (more than 80%) of Singaporeans live in public housing. These homes are located in housing estates, where most are developed neighbourhoods with schools, supermarkets, clinics, food centres and recreational facilities.

What percentage of Singaporeans live in condos?

The proportion of resident households living in condominiums and other apartments increased from 11.5 to 16 per cent. But most – about four in five, or 78.7 per cent – remained in Housing Board flats, down from about 82.4 per cent.

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Do most people in Singapore live in apartments?

Today, 80% of Singaporeans live a government built apartment. There are about one million Housing and Development Board (HDB) apartments, largely clustered in 23 self-contained new towns that extend around the city’s coastal core.

Do people have houses in Singapore?

Before the 1960s, hundreds of thousands of Singaporeans were living in slums and overcrowded settlements. But today, more than 90 percent of residents own their home thanks to the government’s Housing and Development Board.

How many Singaporeans stay in a condo?

In 2020, the number of resident households living in condominiums and private apartments in Singapore was approximately 220 thousand. Condominiums and private apartments are private residential units in Singapore and not under the management of the Housing Development Board.

What percentage of Singaporeans live in landed property?


Items Unit Latest Data
HDB 4-Room Flats % 31.6
HDB 5-Room & Executive Flats % 22.9
Condominiums & Other Apartments % 16.0
Landed Properties % 5.0

Can you live in a house in Singapore?

The reasons for these are (a) there are very few new houses for rent – it is the Singaporean dream to live in their own house rather than renting it out. … If you prefer more space and privacy, and enjoy the garden and the outdoors, you may choose to live in a house. You will probably have a car and are more mobile.

What type of housing is in Singapore?

Properties in Singapore can be broadly categorised into three categories: private housing, public-private hybrid housing and public housing. The Housing and Development Board (HDB) provides quality and affordable public housing for generations of Singaporeans.

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Is Singapore housing adequate?

Yes and no. The median flat in Singapore costs $408,000, 4.6 times the median income. This puts it on par with Salt Lake City, a level of affordability that Demographia categorizes as “Seriously Unaffordable,” but more affordable than many coastal cities in the U.S where the ratio stretches as high as 8.5 in San Jose.