Do Thai SIM cards expire?

How long does a SIM card expire?

Expiration Date

The date at which service credit on a SIM card expires depends on the carrier, but is usually a fixed period — six months or a year, for example — after you load the credit that has most recently been loaded on the card.

Do SIM cards have an expiry date?

No, you don’t need to do anything. Your SIM will expire after 90 days of inactivity, so if you’ve any top-up credit remaining, use it or you’ll lose it!

How can I check my SIM expiry date?

If you want to check your SIM expiry details you can dial *124# at any time. If you want to check the credit balance on your SIM, please click here. You can also dial *124# on your phone to see how much time is left on your sim card.

Can an expired SIM card be reactivated?

There are no ways to recover or to reactivate SIM card that expires, the only solution is you have to purchase another prepaid SIM card to continue using its service.

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What happens if SIM not used for 3 months?

If a local SIM card is not used for a long time, it is blocked (suspended). For example, a local SIM card will be suspended if there is no top-up or call/SMS/data activity recorded for several months or a year.

How do you fix an expired SIM card?

Contact your wireless provider to activate your SIM card. Certain phone companies will not reactivate old SIM cards and will instead send out a new SIM card to go along with your new account.

How often should you change your SIM card?

The lifetime of the SIM card is based on the manufacturing quality, design and usage pattern. However, people generally use the same card for up to 8 years. Despite this, faults can occur and the SIM can become defective at any time during that timespan.

How do I renew my SIM validity?

USSD method to Extend your SIM’s validity

  1. Press : *113*30*9# for 30 days extension. Cost 2 Baht.
  2. Press : *113*60*9# for 60 days extension. Cost 4 Baht.
  3. Press : *113*90*9# for 90 days extension. …
  4. Press : *113*180*9# for 180 days extension. …
  5. Conditions: Must activate SIM for at least 90 days or have usage of 200 THB.

How can I know my Airtel SIM expiry date?

Dial *121*2# to check the outgoing validity of your Airtel number. You can also check outgoing validity using the Airtel Thanks App. It is displayed on the home screen of your app. Once you tap on the screen you can find details information about your ongoing plan.

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How can I check my SIM card status online?

The status of each of your SIMs is indicated in the Console:

  1. Open the SIMs section of the Console.
  2. Select any SIM, which will display the Configure tab for that SIM.
  3. Check the SIM’s state under STATUS.

How do I check my Airtel expiry date?

To check your recharge status, you can dial *121*7#6. To know the Airtel validity information, you can use the USSD code *123#.