Does Indonesia have a Supreme Court?

What type of legal system does Indonesia have?

Indonesia implements a mixed legal system with the civil law system as the main legal system adopted from the Dutch colonial law. Indonesia also recognises the customary legal system (sistem hukum adat) and religious legal system (Islamic sharia law).

In which country judicial is supreme?

2. Originally known as the Assam High Court, renamed as Guwahati High Court in 1971. 3. Originally known as Mysore High Court, renamed as Karnataka High Court in 1973.

Annexure ‘A’

Name Karnataka(3)
Year 1884
Territorial establishment jurisdiction Karnataka
Seat Bangalore

Does Indonesia have a Supreme Court?

In Indonesia’s judicial system the Supreme Court (Mahkamah Agung) in Jakarta is the final court of appeal; high courts, which are located in principal cities, deal with appeals from district courts.

Does Indonesia have judicial review?

Explaining why requires discussion of Indonesia’s so-called “hierarchy of laws.” The Constitution and various judiciary laws refer to the Supreme Court having power to review laws “below” statutes.

Why Indonesia is a civil law country?

Law of Indonesia is based on a civil law system, intermixed with customary law and the Roman Dutch law. … Dutch presence and subsequent occupation of Indonesia for 350 years has left a legacy of Dutch colonial law, largely in the Indonesia civil code.

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What is the legal system?

Thus, from the above definition of ‘legal’ and ‘system’, a legal system can be defined as the principles or procedures for the classification of laws, matters or procedure relating to them. … For example, one similar characteristic of common law legal system is the doctrine of judicial precedent.

Does Indonesia have an independent judiciary?

Constitutional and political reform, the ‘One Roof System’ and judicial independence. The amendments to the 1945 Constitution and other reforms have allowed the Supreme Court, and lower courts (high courts at the provincial level and district courts) to enjoy greater autonomy and an improved status.

What is the criminal justice system of Indonesia?

Indonesia’s complex justice system evolved from three inherited sources of law: customary or adat law, Islamic law (sharia), and Dutch colonial law. The judicial branch is independent and coequal with executive and legislative branches, with Supreme Court and Constitutional Court at apex of judicial system.

How many citizens is the judicial branch responsible for?

The California court system, the nation’s largest, serves over 39.5 million people with more than 2,000 judicial officers and 18,000 court employees.