Does Indonesia understand English?

Is Indonesia good at English?

The Proficiency Index compiled by English First (EF) is a good indicator to measure English language proficiency in nations across the world as this index is known as the world’s largest ranking of English skills. Indonesia ranks 32nd – from a total of 72 countries surveyed – with a score of 52.91 points.

Is Indonesia like English?

Many languages spoken around the world share similarities in syntax, grammar or even vocabulary because they share the same origins, such as Dutch and German, Indonesian and Malaysian, or French and Spanish. English and Indonesian, however, are worlds apart, having West Germanic and Austronesian roots, respectively.

How much of Indonesia speaks English?

Although English usage fell over the month from 21.7% to 21.34% of Indonesia users, that’s still a huge chunk, much larger than we’d typically see for a secondary language in Europe.

What percentage of Indonesians speaks English?

A larger percentage speaking Indonesian at home (64.5% compared to 0.4%) A smaller percentage speaking English at home (29.4% compared to 68.5%) A smaller percentage speaking Arabic at home (0.1% compared to 2.7%) A smaller percentage speaking Cantonese at home (0.4% compared to 1.9%)

Is Indonesian language dying?

Indonesian is perceived as giving speakers better educational access, Cohn said, and it’s considered a more democratic language, without the social stratification of languages like Javanese. … The reality, Cohn said, is that in 50-100 years the number of languages spoken in Indonesia will drop from 700 to perhaps 50.

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Why is Indonesian similar to English?

Similarities Between the two Languages

Both English and bahasa Indonesia use the same 26 letter alphabet, divided similarly between vowels and consonants. Neither language uses accent marks for any of the 26 letters. 2. The ways of arranging sentences and paragraphs are similar.

Does Indonesia use British or American English?

Regional variations

Default English in Asia
British English US English Both variants widely used
Australia (with variations) Japan Indonesia
Brunei Philippines Laos
Cambodia South Korea Thailand

What language is Indonesian similar to?

Vocabulary. Indonesian as a modern dialect of Malay has borrowed heavily from many languages, including : Sanskrit, Arabic, Persian, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese and many other languages, including other Austronesian languages.