Frequent question: Can foreign students do housemanship in Malaysia?


Can foreign medical graduates practice in Malaysia?

Registration Guidelines With The Malaysian Medical Council For Foreign Medicos Malaysia. Foreign medical officers (M.O.) are only allowed to work in the public sector. … The applying medical officer need to have at least 5 years medical experience.

Can a foreigner work as a doctor in Malaysia?

The Ministry of health , Malaysia usually has vacant positions as Medical officers and Specialists and looks for overseas doctors with suitable qualifications on a contractual basis in various disciplines. … A minimum of five years working experience as a medical officer in any Government Institution.

Is it compulsory to do housemanship in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, upon completion of the medical course, students need to apply to the Ministry of Health Malaysia to do their housemanship in any of the public hospitals. … On completion of housemanship, there is a two-year compulsory service in hospitals and clinics under the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

Can international student study medicine in Malaysia?

Yes! There are a few international medical schools in Malaysia that are only for accommodating international students who wish to study medicine in the country. … Some universities that admit international students in their medical programs are International Medical University, Monash University, etc.

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How can doctors practice in Malaysia?

Provisional Registration

Pursuant to the Medical Act 1971, you are required to register with the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) to practice medicine in Malaysia. Hence, your application should be submitted prior to your medical practice.

Can I work as doctor in Malaysia?

There are great opportunities for doctors to work in Malaysia. The Health System in Malaysia is excellent and focuses on Research, Education and Service, to provide the best outcomes for both clinicians and patients. Medical Tourism is also a very important industry in Malaysia, as it is through many parts of Asia.

Can Indian MBBS doctors work in Malaysia?

There are plenty of indian specialists doctors here in Malaysia practicing for some of the best hospitals. They are neither married to local malay nor speak malay language.

How much do doctors make in Malaysia?

Doctor Salaries

Job Title Salary
Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia Doctor salaries – 12 salaries reported MYR 5,374/mo
KKM Doctor salaries – 8 salaries reported MYR 4,300/mo
Ministry of Health Malaysia Doctor salaries – 5 salaries reported MYR 5,000/mo
Ministry of Health Malaysia Doctor salaries – 3 salaries reported MYR 3,500/mo

Is Malaysia good for doctors?

Malaysia: Medical tourism is booming

Medical tourists arriving in Malaysia have increased on average by 100% in the last five years. … Malaysia has some of the best-trained doctors in Asia–and the majority of them were trained in the U.S., Australia, or the UK.

Is residency the same as Housemanship?

Residency is a period of training of medical doctors after graduating from housemanship; whereas Housemanship (or internship) is a period of training for newly graduated medical doctors who have just finished medical school (which could be the university or college of medicine and surgery).

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How much does a houseman earn in Malaysia?

RM31,175 (MYR)/yr.

Can international students do housemanship in Malaysia?

International students who graduate with the MBBS (IMU) degree are eligible to apply for housemanship training in Malaysia.