Frequent question: How many LaFerrari are there in Malaysia?

How many LaFerrari are sold?

The Ferrari LaFerrari, was introduced in 2013 as the spiritual successor to the Ferrari Enzo. Only 400 units of the latter have been produced between 2002 and 2004, while no more than 499 LaFerrari will be built and sold.

Ferrari LaFerrari Europe Sales Figures.

Ferrari LaFerrari
2013 4

Is LaFerrari limited?

Business tycoon Gautam Singhania’s Super Car Show this year will see Ferrari’s limited production hybrid sports car LaFerrari. “There are only 499 of these cars produced in the world and this is the first one in India,” says Singhania excitedly. … One of its kind, the car runs on 950 bhp.

How many LA Ferraris are in the US?

Unveiling the car for the first time on U.S. national television, Mattiacci said, the plan was to build just 499 LaFerraris and sell only 120 in the U.S., but all are already sold. LaFerrari is Ferrari’s first supercar in more than a decade, after the Enzo launched in 2002.

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