Frequent question: How much is Thai quarantine?

How much does 14 day quarantine cost in Thailand?

An AQ hotel in Thailand tends to cost between $50-100 USD per night on the budget-friendly end. All quarantine hotels on our list are under 37,990 THB ($1,139 USD for a 14-day package all-inclusive service.) The prices are per person with the cheapest first, based on the 14-day package.

How many nights is Thai quarantine?

Quarantine Length 14 or 15 Nights

if your flight lands in Thailand before 18:00 PM (Local Time), this day will be counted as Day 1 and you will have to spend 14 Nights in quarantine.

How much does Thai quarantine cost?

The cost may vary depending on the hotel with a price range from 28,000 THB to 220,000 for the mandatory quarantine with better facilities, a good atmosphere, in a clean and safe environment.

How much does quarantine in Bangkok cost?

7-day Quarantine Package Price:

Standard Room 20,000 THB per person. Deluxe Room 22,000 THB per person. Junior Suite 28,000 THB per person. Premier Suite 30,000 THB per person.

Do Thai nationals have to quarantine?

– Partly vaccinated or unvaccinated travellers must quarantine for 10 nights at a hotel designated by the Thai government as Alternative Quarantine (AQ). … Thai and non-Thai nationals with residence in Thailand are exempted from this 21-day stay requirement.

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Can I quarantine in Pattaya?

Pattaya / Chonburi Alternative Quarantine (AQ) is the list of government-approved quarantine hotels that can be used for the process of quarantine in Pattaya / Sriracha / Chonburi. Pattaya / Sriracha / Chonburi AQ packages are offered for foreign tourists and other travelers arriving to Thailand.

Can you quarantine alcohol in Thailand hotels?

When you stay at the Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ), the Property will not be providing alcohol to your room. in addition to that, you will not be allowed to bring with you alcoholic beverages from Outside.

Can you choose quarantine hotel in Malaysia?

Travellers can choose either basic or premium accommodation type. The basic package will be under the arrangement of NADMA and based on their current list of quarantine hotels. For the premium and luxury package, travellers may choose from the available hotel list.

Can you quarantine in a hotel in the UK?

Getting to your managed quarantine hotel

When you arrive in England you’ll need to provide your completed passenger locator form to Border Force officers alongside your passport and negative COVID-19 test result. You’ll be escorted through the airport with other passengers who need to stay in a quarantine hotel.