Frequent question: What are the main usable water resources in Malaysia?

Where does Malaysia get water?

About 97% of our raw water supply for agricultural, domestic and industrial needs are derived from surface water sources primarily rivers. Malaysia has 189 river basins – 89 in Peninsular Malaysia, 78 in Sabah and 22 in Sarawak. All the rivers originate and flow from the highlands.

How does Malaysia use water?

76 percent of water was used for agriculture, 11 percent for municipal water supply and 13 percent for industries. Thus only less than 1% of available water resources is used for drinking water supply. Malaysia is geographically divided in Peninsular Malaysia and Eastern Malaysia.

What are the main resources for the water problem?

Rain is the main source of water on the earth. When the rainwater reaches the earth surface, a part of it is evaporated and a part of it is taken by plants, a part of ground water is retained, a part is infiltrated and the remaining water flows as surface runoff through drainage systems into the sea.

Does Malaysia have water scarcity?

Marimuthu also highlighted that the high non-revenue water (NRW) rate in Malaysia has led to water shortage in the country. “Mostly, the loss of water occurs as a result of pipe leakage and water theft. … “Malaysian average daily per capita consumption is also higher than recommended by the WHO.”

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How much water do Malaysians use?

Based on statistics from the National Water Services Commission (SPAN), Malaysians consume an average of 201 litres of water per person per day, which is equivalent to 134 bottles (1.5-litre capacity each).

How bad is water pollution in Malaysia?

Water quality in Malaysia, as well as access to water in general, is a major problem. The primary pollutants present in the water are Biochemical Oxygen Demand, Ammoniacal Nitrogen and Suspended Solids. … Since 98 percent of the water originates from rivers, river pollution is a serious concern.

What is the main resource of water on the earth?

Oceans. Oceans contain more than 90 percent of the Earth’s natural water reserves.

What are the 5 sources of water?

Here are the main five water sources:

  • Municipal.
  • Ground water (well)
  • Surface water. Lake. River. Stream (creek) Shallow well.
  • Rainwater.
  • Seawater.