Frequent question: What are the threats of the Philippines rainforest?

What is the major threat to the Philippines biome?

The continuing habitat degradation and forestland conversion are major threats to Philippine biodiversity. These are attributed primarily to large-scale and indiscriminate logging and mining, burgeoning human population, overharvesting of resources, and infrastructure development.

What are the threats to the Philippines?

Threats to Ecosystem:

The Philippines continues to experience an alarming rate of destruction of its important resources brought about by over exploitation, deforestation, land degradation, climate change, and pollution (including biological pollution), among others.

What could have been the reason for decline forest cover in the Philippines?

The official figure of forest area is about 33% of the land area. … The reduction has been the result of a number of factors including a Government ban on the export of logs in 1986, a ban on the export of timber in 1989, and a Forestry Master Plan introduced in 1991 banning the harvest of virgin forests.

What poses the biggest threat to the environment in Philippines?

Protect Wildlife

The Philippines’ rich biodiversity is under threat, mostly from human activities, including deforestation and forest degradation, illegal fishing and illicit wildlife trade.

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What are the threats to our nation today?

National Security Threat List

  • Terrorism. This issue concerns foreign power-sponsored or foreign power-coordinated activities that: …
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What are the threats of Philippines rainforest?

Once covered by an intact rainforest and home to a rich tree- and animal paradise, today the mountains are under threat. Illegal logging, slash and burn practices and mining are eroding the region’s rich biodiversity.

What are the threats to national security answer the following?

Threats to national security can lead to economic downturns, government instability, frauds, public insecurity, cyber-crimes, and foreign threats such as terrorism, as some examples.

Who is responsible for deforestation in the Philippines?

In spite of these bans the rate of deforestation remained at about 150,000 hectares in the 1980s. Deforestation is caused by shifting cultivation, landuse conversion, forest fires, illegal logging and 40 million m3 of fuelwood harvested each year.

What are the causes of deforestation?

Direct causes of deforestation are agricultural expansion, wood extraction (e.g., logging or wood harvest for domestic fuel or charcoal), and infrastructure expansion such as road building and urbanization.