Frequent question: Why are humans or animals rarely as motifs in Malaysian batik?

What can we usually find Malaysian Batik?

Where can we usually find Malaysian batik? Malaysia batik can be found on the east coast of Malaysia such as Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang while the batik in Johor shows Javanese and Sumatran influences.

Where can we usually find batik?

A tradition of making batik is found in cultures such as Nigeria, China, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and most notably, Indonesia.


Batik of sidha drajat motif from Solo, Central Java
Type Art fabric
Place of origin Indonesia

What is the differences of batik Philippines?

The main difference of the two garments is in terms of the fabric used – Barong Filipino is made usually made from Jusi, hand-woven piña (from pineapple fiber), linen or cotton blend while Batik shirt is traditionally made of Silk for formal wear or Cotton for every day.

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