How can I be polite in Laos?

How do you show respect in Laos?

It involves placing ones hands together in a prayer position between the chest level and nose level but not touching the body and bowing slightly. The higher the hands the greater the sign of respect. The bow is slight and usually accompanied by a slight bend of the knees and a smile.

How do people greet in Laos?


  1. The standard greeting in Laos is ‘sabaideebor’, which means ‘how are you?’ …
  2. If someone greets another by saying ‘sabaideebor’, the receiver will usually reply with ‘sabaidee’ (‘it goes well’).
  3. Informally, Lao may greet each other with ‘kin khow leo bor?

Are people in Laos friendly?

Friendliness. People smile in Laos. Even the shyest young child will be peaking out from behind his mother’s sinh with a grin on his face. … The friendliness is extended to foreigners and travelers will feel very welcome in the Lao PDR.

How do you greet a monk in Laos?

To greet a monk you should give a traditional ‘nop’ – both hands pushed together with palms and fingers touching, as if in prayer, and held with the tips of your fingers in front of your chin while making a short bow. Women are forbidden from touching monks, so please don’t try to do so.

Is Laos and Thai the same?

Lao is the language of the country, Laos, a neighbour to Thailand. … Lao and Thai languages are very similar to each other. In fact, the two languages are linguistically similar, though their writing script varies a bit. Thai is the native language of Thailand and is spoken in minority in Cambodia.

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Are Lao people nice?

Lao people are regarded as frank, open, very friendly, caring, genuine, polite, generous and giving. They also possess a strongly developed sense of courtesy and respect. … In Southeast Asia Lao people are sometimes considered low-class and uncouth.

Are Laotians happy?

According to the recently published World Happiness Report, Laos ranks 110th out of 156 countries in happiness. Cambodia comes out a bit unhappier than Laos at 120th place, whereas Myanmar is the unhappiest at 130th place. …