How can I buy from eBay in Malaysia?

Does eBay Global Shipping ship to Malaysia?

When you sign up for GSP and an eligible item sells abroad, simply ship it to eBay’s US-based Global Shipping Center and the Global Shipping Program will take care of every step until your item reaches the buyer.

Country Malaysia, Thailand
Maximum weight (lbs) 150
Maximum length (in) 66
Maximum DIM weight 224

Do I have to pay import duty on eBay?

eBay is obligated to collect UK VAT on the full value of the transaction including shipping costs, as the shipping costs are considered part of the total purchase. The VAT on the shipping charges apply at the same rate as the item(s) in the shipment. … More information: Importing excise goods to the UK from the EU.

How can I buy from eBay safely?

How to Safely Buy on eBay

  1. If it’s too good to be true, it really is.
  2. Researching the seller on eBay.
  3. Read the complete item description.
  4. Never accept offers to deal outside of eBay.
  5. Keep all the delivery and shipment details handy.
  6. Ensure your product listings are accurate.
  7. How long does eBay hold seller funds?
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Why is eBay global shipping so expensive?

eBay is an international marketplace. People from all over the world can sell on eBay. Therefore, your package could be coming from another country. When you have to pay for overseas shipping, the price is going to be relatively high.

How much does eBay global shipping cost?

There is no fee to use the Global Shipping Program but sellers will still have their usual eBay and PayPal fees to pay on the sale price (but not on the additional fees that the buyer pays). Buyers see estimated shipping and import charges on the listing, which are then confirmed at checkout.

Why do you pay import charges on eBay?

Items imported into Australia

eBay is required to collect GST on orders up to AU $1,000 imported into Australia. … The seller receives payment for the order (item price + postage costs), and eBay remits the GST to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

What are the import charges on eBay?

VAT is calculated on the order total including item price, shipping and any additional costs such as insurance. The standard UK VAT rate is 20%, although reduced rates of 5% and 0% may apply to certain items as defined by the UK legislation.

Does HMRC check eBay?

Online and distance selling goods in the UK

HMRC are monitoring online sellers and can approach businesses directly and via the marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay if they consider businesses to be non-VAT compliant.

What is the safest way to pay on eBay?

PayPal is the recommended method to buy on eBay safely because it offers more protection for buyers. If you use a credit card, check your credit card balance to make sure you have been billed the correct amount and have not paid for any items that you don’t recognize later on.

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Can I get scammed on eBay?

Scammers will use any available platform to trick innocent people out of their money or goods, and eBay is no exception. The online auction site launched in 1995, and scammers have used it ever since. … The company has put in some safeguards, but you can do a lot to protect yourself as an eBay user.

Is it safe to use your debit card on eBay?

Now Credit card or Debit card are processed through the seller’s Internet merchant account (Ex: MasterCard, VISA, Payoneer) and your payment is safe and secure. Remove a card anytime in your My eBay account settings. …