How can I go to Saudi Arabia from Philippines?

Can a Filipino enter Saudi Arabia?

Tourist Visa holders from countries judged to pose a particularly high risk of spreading the virus, including the Philippines. It is to be noted, however, that Filipinos who hold visas for employment, work visit, business visit, and family visit are still allowed entry into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

How much is Saudi visa from Philippines?

Saudi Arabia Visa Fees

Hajj Visa 2,000 3,000
Residence Visa 2,000 3,000
Government Visit Visa 2,000 3,000
Diplomatic and Official Visa 2,000 3,000

What are the requirements travel to Philippines to Saudi Arabia?

When entering the Philippines, citizens from Saudi Arabia will need to show the following documents: A printed copy of the approved eTA to the Philippines. Their passport valid for at least six months from the date of arrival in the country. Proof of accommodation and outward travel, if required by border authorities.

Who can enter Saudi Arabia now?

Non-Saudi Citizens being family members (husband, wife or children) of Saudi Citizens or house workers (driver or domestic worker) of Saudi Citizens are allowed to enter the Kingdom directly if travelling with the Saudi Citizens and without the need of spending no less than (14) days outside the country in which the …

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Can I travel to Saudi Arabia right now?

Saudi Arabia reopened its borders to foreign tourists on Sunday and began allowing entry to tourist visa holders after a months-long ban due to the coronavirus pandemic.

How much is Saudi visa fee?

What does the Saudi Arabia Visa Cost? The Saudi Arabia visa cost USD 143.00 which does not include the service fee. The Saudi Arabia eVisa may be purchased online for USD 173.00 which includes standard processing fees.

How much does a visit visa to Saudi Arabia cost?

Visa fees (SAR 300) and insurance (SAR 140). The amount in SAR is equivalent to $123 dollars. The visa is valid for up to one full year (365 days) with a maximum 90-day duration of stay at one time and multiple entries.

How much does a Saudi work visa cost?

Costs of work permits in Saudi Arabia

This is made up of SAR 750 for the Iqama, SAR 6,000 for the work permit, and SAR 450 for insurance. If the company has more than 50% expatriate workers, the fee rises to SAR 8,400, with the work permit fee increasing to SAR 7,200.

Does Manila require swab test?

MANILA — The Department of Tourism (DOT) welcomes the decision of local government units (LGUs) with jurisdiction over tourist destinations to scrap the COVID-19 swab test requirement for fully vaccinated guests.

Does pal require Covid test?

ALL passengers must have a medical certificate with a negative Coronavirus (COVID-19) PCR test result valid for 3 days (3×24 hours) before departure. If no certificate is presented upon check-in, they can have their PCR test upon arrival.

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Do you need PCR test to enter Philippines?

If staying less than 72 hours in the Philippines, a negative RT-PCR test taken within 48 hours prior departure from the country of origin shall be presented upon check-in and arrival. If staying more than 72 hours in the Philippines, an RT-PCR test shall be administered upon arrival.