How can I import tobacco into Singapore?

How can I import tobacco?

apply for approval as a registered consignee. use the services of a registered consignee who will import them for you. use the services of an authorised warehousekeeper who receives the tobacco products for you and stores it in duty suspension in an approved excise warehouse.

Can you import tobacco products?

Tobacco is a prohibited import

Most tobacco products are ‘prohibited imports’. This includes cigarettes, molasses tobacco, heat-not-burn products and loose leaf tobacco.

Can I bring tobacco to Singapore?

Bringing duty unpaid cigarettes into Singapore is an absolute NO-NO! There is no allowance from bringing in cigarettes. You may be aware that chewing gum is also banned in Singapore.

Is importing tobacco illegal?

The FDA prohibits the importation and advertising of imported smokeless tobacco products within the United States unless the product package and advertising bears one of four textual warning statements that must appear on smokeless tobacco advertising.

Can you ship tobacco internationally?

Most cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products may not be mailed domestically or internationally.

Can I buy tobacco from overseas?

Most tobacco products are ‘prohibited imports‘. This includes cigarettes, molasses tobacco and loose leaf tobacco. Exemptions to this prohibition apply for cigars, chewing tobacco and snuffs intended for oral use up to 1.5kg. Prohibited tobacco products cannot be imported by international post or mail.

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Can I import nicotine into Australia?

The importation of e-cigarettes and e-liquids that contain nicotine or the purchasing of nicotine from overseas for personal therapeutic use is legal in Australia under the personal importation scheme in all states except Queensland where it is illegal to import e-liquid containing nicotine from overseas.

Is it legal to import nicotine into Australia?

This means that it is now illegal for consumers to import nicotine vaping products from overseas websites without a valid prescription from an Australian doctor. Consumers continue to require a valid doctor’s prescription to purchase nicotine vaping products from Australian pharmacies.

Can cigarettes be imported?

Anyone importing tobacco products for anything other than personal use must be in possession of a permit from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. Note that you can import cigarettes and cigars over the personal use limit that may still intended for personal use, but you must obtain the permit.

How much tobacco can you bring into Singapore?

As such the only duty free tobacco available is airside when you are leaving – none available duty free landside on arrival, and none importable or purchased airside without paying duty. There is also a 400gram limit of importing tobacco and paying the duty unless you have a pre-arranged Customs permit.

Is tobacco banned in Singapore?

The law prohibits the sale of tobacco products via vending machines and the internet. The law also prohibits the sale of single cigarettes, small packets of cigarettes, smokeless tobacco and waterpipe tobacco. The sale of tobacco products is prohibited to persons under the age of 21.

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What items Cannot be sent to Singapore?

Singapore Prohibited and Restricted Items

  • Animal skins.
  • Books: hardback/paperback non-comm.
  • Bunker oil sample (for analysis)
  • Chewing gum (oral dental and medicated gum accepted)
  • Cigarette lighters of pistol or revolver shape.
  • Coal & firewood.
  • Cologne and Perfume, Haz and Non-Haz.
  • Communications equipment.