How can I use Manila Water connection?

How much is the installation fee for Maynilad?

MAYNILAD charges an installation cost of PhP4,800 within a minimum distance of 25 linear meters from a water main, value added tax, and a guarantee deposit payable within 6 to 12 months.

How do I enroll in Manila Water?

Customers only need to register via and enter their account verification details using the details found in any of their bills within the last six months. In the past months, Manila Water also launched its SMS Bill Inquiry and Bill on Demand which customers may continue to use.

How do I enroll in Maynilad online?

1. How to Register Online via My Water Bill Portal

  1. Go to the My Water Bill online portal.
  2. Click the Enroll Now > Start buttons.
  3. Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  4. Enter your contract account number. …
  5. Create a password (with a lower case letter, upper case letter, and a special character).

How can I check my bill in Manila Water?

You may view Your outstanding balance (“Outstanding Balance”) for the current billing period via MY. MANILAWATER. APP after successful validation and enrollment of Your account/s with Manila Water.

How much is Maynilad per cubic meter?

Maynilad Water Services, Inc., which serves the West Zone Concession Area, will apply an FCDA of negative 0.41% of its 2021 Average Basic Charge of Php36. 24 per cubic meter or negative Php0. 15 per cubic meter.

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How much is 1 cubic meter of water in the Philippines?

For East Zone customers, Manila Water Company, Inc. will implement an FCDA of ₱0.19 per cubic meter, down from ₱0.33 per cubic meter, which is 0.66% of its 2021 average basic charge of ₱28.52 per cubic meter.

What is the requirements for applying Maynilad?

Duly accomplished application form. Proof of ownership (land title or deed of sale) Proof of billing (if available) Barangay clearance. Excavation permit (as advised by the implementing business area) Other requirements as advised by the implementing Business Area.

How do I apply for Nawasa?


  1. One (1) valid picture ID of the Applicant (National ID, Passport, Driver’s Licence).
  2. Proof of property ownership or authorisation to occupy the land (Deed of Conveyance, Statutory Declaration).
  3. Completed Application Form.

What is Manila Water app?

Manila Water App, your one-stop-shop!

With Manila Water App, you can check your current water bill and view your bill history. You may also settle your water bills through online payment or mobile wallet. Get real-time service advisories and interruption notices through push notifications.