How did Philippine Ballet reflect life in the 20th century?

How is musical play relevant to life in the 21st century?

Yes, musical plays are relevant even to life in the 20th century. These are uniquely set plays that do not involve any dialogues. The music and singing is used to describe the roles of different characters as well as their emotions.

What are the 20th century media forms?

The major media types or groups that have been introduced since the beginning of the twentieth century include film, sound recordings, radio, television, personal computers, video cassettes, video games, and the Internet.

How do musical plays in the Philippines reflect the life in the twentieth century?

The Philippine musical drama, expressive dance and melodic plays reflect life in the twentieth century on the grounds that the scenes, the topic and even the primary subject of most plays, artful dance and musical drama speaks such a great amount about the life of the Filipinos.

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What do you think would be its influence in the music of the 21th century?

Important influences include rock, pop, jazz and the dance traditions associated with these. The combination of classical music and multimedia is another notable practice in the 21st century; the Internet, alongside its related technology, are important resources in this respect.

What are the multimedia forms?

As any multimedia developer knows, a multimedia system consists of at least two, and perhaps all, of the following types of communication.

  1. Text Materials. …
  2. Photographs and Other Still Images. …
  3. Audio Files. …
  4. Video Presentations. …
  5. GIFs and Other Forms of Animation.

How is the music of 20th century related to other art form and media?

The 20th century is a complete step away from the rich culture and traditions. Not only can Impressionist and Expressionist music be used in listening, it can also be extended to other types of media and art such as sand art, sculptures, dance accompaniment, movies, animations, game commercials and advertisements.

How was life in the 20th century reflected in the different Philippine operas ballets and musical?

Answer: Life in 20th century reflected in the different philippine operas, ballets, and musical plays have sequel showing how the philippines became totally westernized.

Why Philippine Opera is important to us?

“Original Filipino operas can help the Filipino understand and value our culture by exposing [people to] cultural heritages,” Gutierrez stresses. Philippine opera often presents historical events or the quaintness of rural life, with Noli Me Tangere, The Opera and La Loba Negra being prime examples.

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How theatrical elements in a musical play are combined with music and media to achieve special effects?

Explanation: The theatrical elements are combined with opera music which creates an ambiance of original theater. The playback singers perform their singing and their voice is mixed with the musical notes to produce the best theater effect.