How do I book Raffles High Tea in Singapore?

Is Raffles Singapore Open yet?

After shutting its doors for more than two years, Raffles Singapore officially reopened this month. Built in 1887 as a 10-room hotel, the property has undergone just two restorations in its 132-year history — a rarity in a city where change is near constant.

What should I wear to Raffles Singapore?

Dress for the occasion “Dress Code: Smart casual; pool attire is not permitted; gentlemen should be in collared shirts, long trousers and closed-toed shoes” – in other words, no Tshirts, shorts or flip-flops please. 5.

Who owns Raffles Singapore?

Is there a dress code for the Long Bar at Raffles?

The dress code for Long Bar is casual, only pool attire is not permitted. We look forward to having you with us!

When was Raffles reopened?

In 1989, the hotel closed to undergo an extensive renovation that lasted two years and cost $160 million. The hotel reopened on 16 September 1991. While the hotel was restored to the grand style of its 1915 heyday, significant changes were made. All guest rooms were converted to suites.

Can you wear shorts in Raffles?

shorts are okay for most occasions except certain establishments such as fine dining restaurants, social clubs and places of worship. If you inted to visit raffles hotel you will need to wear pants.

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Why do they throw peanuts on the floor at Raffles?

It’s a tradition that dates back to the 1900s, when the Raffles hotel was surrounded not by skyscrapers but by nut plantations. Nuts were in such plentiful supply that they were offered to drinkers for free (and still are, hence the huge sacks lining the bar).