How do I call Malaysia hotline from Singapore?

How do I call Malaysia 1800 from Singapore?

How to Call Toll Free Numbers in Malaysia. To call a Malaysia toll free number from within the country, simply dial the number as you see it (ex. 1-800-XXX-XXX). To call a Malaysia toll free number from outside the country, dial the originating country’s exit code followed by the toll free number.

How do I call Kuala Lumpur from Singapore?

To call Singapore from Malaysia, dial: 00 – 65 – Area Code – Land Phone Number 00 – 65 – 8 Digit Mobile Number

  1. 00 – Exit code for Malaysia, and is needed for making any international call from Malaysia.
  2. 65 – ISD Code or Country Code of Singapore.
  3. Area code – There are 9 area codes in Singapore.

How do you call 019?

To use this service, simply dial 019<country code><area code><telephone number> on your mobile phone. If you have queries about Singtel’s v019 service, please call 104.

How do you dial 60?

Malaysia Country Code 60 Country Code MY.

How do I call a 1800 number from Singapore?

‘1800’ is alias for ‘6′; as such these services can be reached as toll numbers, including from outside of Singapore, by replacing ‘1800 xxx xxxx’ with ‘+65 6xxx xxxx’.)

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Are 1800 numbers free in Malaysia?

Toll-free number 1800 is free for both landline and mobile. But, many service providers are offering toll-free number 1300 where consumers are charged for using the services.

How do I call a toll free number from overseas?

After you have dialed the pin number, you can call toll-free numbers. For example, to call the United States, dial 1 (the country code) then the toll free number. If you are in the United States and you want to dial out to another country, dial the exit code (011) and then the number.

How do I make an international call from Singapore to Malaysia?

To call Malaysia from Singapore, dial: XX – 60 – Area Code – Land phone number XX – 60 – 9 or 10 Digit Mobile phone number.