How do I get from Ho Chi Minh airport to city?

How much does it cost from Ho Chi Minh airport to city Centre?

The travel time taxi from Ho Chi Minh airport to city will be around 30-40 minutes depending on the traffic. The distance from Tan Son Nhat International Airport to district 1 is only 7 kilometers. The prices by taxi from Ho Chi Minh airport to city will be around 12000-140000 Vietnamese Dong which is $5-6 USD.

Is Uber available in Ho Chi Minh?

In Vietnam you can use Uber in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city.

Is grab available in Ho Chi Minh City?

Grab car is unfortunately not available everywhere in the country, but in the big cities; Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang and Nha Trang. The Grab engine is in more cities, such as Dalat and Quy Nhon. It is cheap, but we recommend using it only for traveling in the city and not for traveling to another city.

Is taxi expensive in Vietnam?

Vinasun and other taxi cabs on the street of Saigon. The report also listed the most expensive taxis fares in the world. … Switzerland led the list at $25.7 for a five-km ride, followed by Japan with $17.7 and Germany with $13.8.

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How do I get from Ho Chi Minh airport to city Centre?

Ho Chi Minh International Airport Public Bus #152

Public bus #152 is the cheapest option to Ho Chi Minh city centre and leaves every 12 to 17 minutes from 6:00 to 18:00. You can find the bus when you walk out of the arrival terminal at Ho Chi Minh Airport.

How much does a taxi cost in Ho Chi Minh?

How much is the taxi fare in Ho Chi Minh City? The basic fee is VND12,000.00, the kilometer price is VND13,000.00. For standing and waiting time, VND30,000.00 is charged per hour.

How much is a taxi from Ho Chi Minh airport?

FARES. The fare to most hotels in District 1 is about 150,000 to 170,000 VND. Note that there’s an airport surcharge (10,000 VND) for trips departing from Ho Chi Minh Airport. Note that the usual fare to the city centre is 300,000 VND, which includes all tolls.

What should I avoid in Vietnam?

11 Things You Shouldn’t Eat or Drink in Vietnam

  • Tap water. Might as well start with the obvious one. …
  • Strange meat. We don’t mean street meat, as street food in Vietnam is amazing. …
  • Roadside coffee. …
  • Uncooked vegetables. …
  • Raw blood pudding. …
  • Cold soups. …
  • Dog meat. …
  • Milk.

Does Grab work in Vietnam?

Grab is currently dominating Vietnam’s ride-hailing space, with close to 75% market share, according to ABI Research. It claims to have 190,000 drivers for both GrabCar and GrabBike in the country. Vietnam remains one of the most important markets in Southeast Asia for the ride-hailing firm.

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Is there grab car in Vietnam?

GrabCar services have resumed in HCMC, albeit with coronavirus prevention measures like screen separation and no air conditioning. Grab Vietnam announced the decision Thursday, adding that the HCMC Department of Transport required the firm to limit the number of vehicles and drivers for coronavirus prevention.

Where does Grab operate in Vietnam?

This market position is particularly strong in major urban centers such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City where Grab controls 44 percent and 82 percent of the market respectively. Vietnam’s Be and Indonesia’s Gojek are other key competitors.