How do I get from Kuala Lumpur to Borneo?

Is it worth going to Borneo?

Borneo is an incredible place and I would urge anyone to visit – it’s not only home to some of the oldest rainforest and most impressive wildlife on the planet, in Malaysian Borneo you’ll find one of South East Asia’s highest mountains and some fascinating colonial and WW2 history.

Is it safe to travel to Borneo right now?

Borneo in general is a safe destination with relatively low crime rates. Tourists should exercise the usual precautions – not walking alone at night, not leaving valuables such as cameras and smart phones on display, and using registered taxis.

Do I need a visa for Borneo?

Do I Need a Visa to Enter Borneo? … Tourists from the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and most of the European Union do not need a visa to enter on Malaysia and will be issued a social visit pass for 30-90 days on a arrival. Though part of Malaysia, Malaysian Borneo has its own entry requirements.

What is the best way to get to Borneo?

Most travellers arrive in Borneo by air, often from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur (KL) or Jakarta. Kalimantan has ferry links to Java, Sulawesi and Sabah, and there are also ferries between Sabah and the southern Philippines, with a new ferry service due to commence to Palawan.

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How do you get to Borneo?

Getting there and around

  1. International airports.
  2. Sabah (Malaysian Borneo): Kota Kinabalu International Airport. Sarawak (Malaysian Borneo): Kuching International Airport. …
  3. Domestic flights. Domestic flights link all the regions of Borneo including Sabah, Sarawak, Balikpapan, Bajarmasin and Pontianak. …
  4. Buses. …
  5. Boats. …
  6. Visas.

Why is Borneo a good place to visit?

Remote jungle tribes, an abundance of wildlife and giant cat statues. … Borneo boasts remote jungle beauty, tropical adventure and tribal cultures, and is home to half of all known plant and animal species in the world.

How long should you spend in Borneo?

The ultimate Borneo itinerary would have to be at least two to three weeks long (or as long as you can stretch it out given time and money).

How much time do you need in Borneo?

In two weeks

Two weeks is a good amount of time to start to get to know Borneo, although there’s still a chance you’ll wish you’d stayed longer. Most tours offer an overview of the main highlights: beaches, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and some culture, such as a visit to the capital, Kota Kinabalu.

Do we need to quarantine if we travel to Sabah?

Passengers travelling to Sabah are to: Provide a negative RT-PCR COVID-19 test or RTK Ag (nasal swab or saliva test) results, taken within three (3) days before travelling into the state. … Passengers who are unvaccinated due to medical reasons must undergo mandatory quarantine for 10 days.

Can foreigners enter Malaysia now 2021?

Foreigners must hold valid MYTravel Pass (MTP) before entering Malaysia. Passengers are advised to refer to immigration for detailed information. … Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated passengers must observe a 10-day quarantine upon entry into Malaysia.

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Which countries are banned from entering Malaysia?

The Malaysian government has lifted entry restrictions for nationals from the 5 countries that were restricted previously which include Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.


  • Fully vaccinated.
  • COVID-19 PCR test during arrival.
  • Quarantine.