How do I get from Siem Reap to Thailand?

Can you fly from Siem Reap to Bangkok?

Flights from Siem Reap to Bangkok

A direct flight from Siem Reap (REP) to Bangkok (DMK) takes around 1 hour and 13 minutes, covering a distance of 352 km. … There are two airports in Bangkok: Don Mueang International Airport (DMK) and Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK), both of which serve flights from Singapore to Bangkok.

Can you fly from Cambodia to Thailand?

The quickest way to get from Cambodia to Thailand is to fly and BTS which costs $200 – $440 and takes 2h 42m.

Can Cambodia go to Thailand?

How can I travel to Thailand (from Cambodia) and what are my quarantine options? 2.1 All eligible foreigners are allowed to enter Thailand by flight.

Can you get a train from Thailand to Cambodia?

To travel from Thailand to Cambodia, you have to take a bus. There is no passenger train connection between these two countries. There are daily direct bus connections from Bangkok (Thailand) to Siem Reap (Cambodia) with a journey time of about 9 hours.

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Who flies from Siem Reap to Bangkok?

Bangkok Airways, Cambodia Angkor Air and Thai Smile all fly from Siem Reap to Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi Airport. Thai AirAsia fly from Siem Reap to Bangkok-Don Mueang Airport. Siem Reap Airport only has one terminal.

How do I get from Siem Reap to Thailand?

Travel by plane (direct flight) from Siem Reap to Bangkok takes about 1 hour. Travel by bus from Siem Reap to Bangkok takes about 9-13 hours. Travel by bus/van+train from Siem Reap to Bangkok takes about 10 hours. Travel by taxi or private car from Siem Reap to Bangkok takes about 9 hours.

How do I get from Cambodia to Thailand?

There is no train from Cambodia to Thailand. If you want to take the train, then you have to take a bus to just over the border into Thailand and then take a train to Bangkok. The border town is called Aranyaprathet and the trains to Bangkok leave at 6.40am and 1.55pm.

How do you cross Cambodia from Thailand?

Take a bus or train to Aranyaprathet.

Take a direct bus to Siem Reap from Khao San bus station or Mo Chit bus station, both are about a 10-minute walk away from where the train stops. Fill out your Thai departure card and present it to Thai immigration authorities along with your passport.

How long does it take from Cambodia to Thailand?

The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Cambodia and Thailand is 566 km= 352 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Cambodia to Thailand, It takes 0.63 hours to arrive.

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Are foreigners allowed to enter Thailand now?

From April 01, 2021 onwards, Non-Thais (Exempted Persons, Diplomats and International Organization Officers, Family of Thai Nationals, Certificate of Residence Holders, Work Permit Holders, Students, Foreigners with Medical Appointment, Foreigners with Special Arrangements) are no longer required to present a Fit to …

Is Cambodia open for tourists now?

Travel to Cambodia for tourism is currently restricted, but the government has announced to reopen the country in several stages to fully vaccinated tourists from November 30, 2021. This will allow double-jabbed visitors to skip quarantine if they stay for at least five days in designated areas.

Is Cambodia poor?

Cambodia remains on the list of developing countries, despite recent economic growth. … Statistics from 2014 showed that about 13.5% of the country’s total population continue to live in extreme poverty, down from 53% in 2004.