How do I watch Reddit in Indonesia?

Can I use Reddit in Indonesia?

This is a problem for residents of the Southeast Asian nation that ranks fourth in the world in population because Reddit is banned by Indonesia’s government. This ban does not discriminate between Indonesian citizens and those who have traveled to the country for recreation or work.

Is VPN illegal in Indonesia?

Indonesia ✔ Indonesian citizens also experience censorship when it comes to internet usage, with the government blocking certain sites like Reddit, Vimeo, and Netflix. However, VPNs are legal in the country.

How do you access blocked Reddit?

Add “+nihl” to a blocked subreddit name to access it (useful if you’re checking Reddit at work)

How do I unblock Reddit without VPN?

Now to the good stuff since I feel I’ve given you enough context.

  1. Open your hosts file with write permissions using Vim which is a built-in text editor. sudo vim /etc/hosts. Windows users: …
  2. Paste the following at the bottom of the file. …
  3. Now save the file.

Why can’t I load Reddit?

The Reddit application may fail to load in Android due to an outdated version of the application. Moreover, corrupt cache/data or installation of the application itself can also cause the error under discussion. … Moreover, check if you are not using the beta version of the Reddit application.

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In which countries VPN is illegal?

Currently, a handful of governments either regulate or outright ban VPNs, which include countries like Belarus, China, Iraq, North Korea, Oman, Russia, and the U.A.E., to name a few. Still, others impose internet censorship laws, which makes using a VPN risky.

Is it illegal to have a VPN?

Recap. Unless you’re doing anything illegal, using a VPN in the U.S. is perfectly legally sound. However, if you’re using a VPN in a country where it’s not legal, it’s important to download one of the best VPNs in terms of privacy.

Is it illegal to VPN Netflix?

Legally, no. People commonly mistake using a VPN with Netflix as a form of piracy, but accessing the provider’s international catalogs is quite different from torrenting copyrighted material. It is not illegal in any way, shape or form, and will not currently result in a criminal or civil lawsuit anywhere in the world.