How do u say girl in Filipino?

How do you say pretty girl in the Philippines?

Beautiful In Tagalog

Tagalog English counterpart
Ganda Beauty
Maganda Beautiful, pretty, cute
Marikit Beautiful, gorgeous, lovely
Marilag Beautiful, magnificent

What does Bobo ka mean in Filipino?

bobo ka. you’re stupid. Similar Words. mahina ang ulo adjective. stupid, obtuse, featherbrained, thickheaded, slow.

What does MAI mean in Filipino?

Ate – (used for girls that are older, usually a sibling) It is a form of respect. Mai is the name of the girl.

What are some Filipino slang words?

Tagalog Slang Words

  • Nyek (Ni-yek) Play. Direct translation: oops. …
  • Jowa (Jo-wa) Direct translation: boyfriend / girlfriend. …
  • Charot (Cha-rot) Direct translation: joking. …
  • Chibog (Chi-bog) Direct translation: food. …
  • Lodi (Lo-di) Direct translation: idol. …
  • Petmalu (Pet-ma-loo) …
  • Mumshie (Mum-shee) …
  • Werpa (Wer-pah)

What is the meaning of Chika?

Chika (ちか, チカ) is a feminine Japanese given name. The name Chika can be written with the kanji characters 千 (chi) meaning “thousand“, 智 (chi) meaning “wisdom, intellect” or 散 (chi) meaning “scatter” combined with 佳 (ka) meaning “good, fine” or 花 (ka) meaning “flower”.

What is AWIT Filipino slang?

Awit — It’s the Tagalog word for song. But now it’s an expression used to pertain to a painful feeling or disappointment. Derived from the word “ouch or aww.”

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What is Arat in Tagalog?

@TWJRY it means “tara na“(let’s go) arat is an inverted slang word.

What does it mean if someone calls you Bobo?

often disparaging. : a member of a social class of well-to-do professionals who espouse bohemian values and lead bourgeois lives.

What does the word Bobo mean?

Word forms: bobo, boba. adjective. (= tonto) silly ⧫ stupid.

What is bobo ka in English?

you’re stupid!