How do you celebrate water festival in Myanmar?

What do we do in the first day of Water Festival?

On the first day of the festival Dai people race dragon boats and light fireworks (made of bamboo) for good luck in the coming years. The second day, Dai people get together to dance, and pour water on others because they believe that pouring water on others can help remove bad luck and bring out happiness.

Why is water festival celebrated?

The celebrations of the water festival dates back to the 12th century and was from the beginning a celebration to honor King Jayavarman VII and his marine army who defeated the Cham people. The Cham people are a Muslim ethnic group in Southeast Asia and they had occupied Angkor in 1177.

How did the Water Festival start?

The Water Festival history goes back to the Angkorean times in the 12th Century AD when the Khmer empire occupied most of the Indochinese Peninsula. During that time, Cambodia had achieved peace and prosperity following the victorious naval battle with the Chams, which took place from 1177 to 1181 AD.

How do Thai celebrate New Year?

For the January New Year’s celebration, Thai people often exchange gifts with friends and family members. It’s also common for them to pay a visit to their local temple so that they can make merit, participate in temple rites and otherwise ring in the coming year.

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Which festival is held in Myanmar?


Month Festival(s) Day
Tawthalin (September) Regatta Festival
Thadingyut (October) Festival of Lights Full moon of Thadingyut
Tazaungmon (November) Tazaungdaing Festival of Lights Full moon of Tazaungmon
Kyi Ma No Festival

What is the meaning of the Water Festival?

The Water Festival is the New Year’s celebrations that take place in Southeast Asian countries such as Burma, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand as well as Yunnan, China. It is called the ‘Water Festival’ by Westerners because people splash / pour water at one another as part of the cleansing ritual to welcome the new year.

What is the water festival in Cambodia and what is it about?

The Cambodian Water Festival is celebrated in November to mark the end of the rainy season and the reversing flow of the Tonle Sap River. For most time of the year, the Tonle Sap River empties into the Mekong.