How do you get Muay Thai shorts?

How much do Muay Thai shorts cost?

Stay with us to the end where I’ll share where you can get Muay Thai shorts for under 10USD which is as cheap as it can get.

Muay Thai Online Stores.

Brand Average Price Shipping (US)
Boon Sport $30 $20
InFightStyle $55 Free
Venum $54.99 Free
Tuff Sport $29.99 Free

What size should I get in Muay Thai shorts?

To find out what Muay Thai Shorts Size you should buy, just take a tapeline and measure around your waist. Hold the measuring tape slightly above your hips and not to tight. If you in doubt because you in between two sizes … we recommend to take the bigger size.

Can you box in Muay Thai shorts?

Wearing other types of shorts will significantly impede your movement options. It’ll be difficult to move around when wearing boxing trunks or kickboxer shorts when training in Muay Thai. But, by wearing Muay Thai shorts, you’ll have much better freedom of movement.

Is Muay Thai factory real?

100% AUTHENTIC and ORIGINAL! BUY with CONFIDENCE! At, every product is 100% AUTHENTIC and ORIGINAL, made in Thailand by professional Thai brands.

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Why are Muay Thai shorts so colorful?

Muay Thai, we use an armband system so the color of your shorts is irrelevant. Though, yellow is often associated with royalty in Thai culture due to the late King’s affinity for the color. Aside from yellow, Nak Muays generally choose bright colored shorts to add an element of showmanship when in the ring.

What does it say on the front of Muay Thai shorts?

The Lumpinee Muay Thai shorts are designed and cut to suit contact sports including Muay Thai and Kickboxing. The design on the front of the shorts is in Thai language and actually says ‘Muay Thai’.

How should boxing shorts fit?

Wrap a tape measure around your waist at the level where your pants regularly sit. No one likes wearing tight boxers, so place a finger between your waist to ensure you get size that is comfy. We recommend that a smaller size is best if you wear slimmer or tailored pants. If you prefer a looser fit, then go a size up.

How do twins Muay Thai shorts fit?

TWINS Twins Shorts are a standard fit for Muay Thai shorts and typically have roomy legs and a deep waistband. They use the Thai waist sizing (see chart above)!

Do I need Muay Thai shorts?

If you’re training in a casual environment, then there’s absolutely no obligation to wear Muay Thai shorts. As long as you’re wearing something suitable, the chances are nobody will mind. … Muay Thai shorts are designed primarily for functionality, and there is no authentic ranking system of any kind in the sport.

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