How far is Hanoi from Ha Giang?

How do you get from Hanoi to Ha Giang?

Travel by bus / van or limousine from Hanoi to Ha Giang takes about 5.5-7 hours. Travel by train+bus from Hanoi to Ha Giang (via Lao Cai) takes about 12-13 hours. Travel by motorbike from Hanoi to Ha Giang takes about 6-8 hours. Travel by private car/taxi from Hanoi to Ha Giang takes about 6 hours.

How long does it take to do the Ha Giang loop?

The total distance of the main loop is 350km. You can complete the ride in 2 days, but the outstanding scenery is such that I recommend 2-5 days. Motorbikes can be rented in Ha Giang, but by far the best place is QT Motorbikes, who can also offer excellent route advice.

How long does it take from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh by motorbike?

Best Biking Routes in Vietnam

Main Route: Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi and vice versa, following the east coast. Mostly good roads, if busy, and access to all main cities like Hue, Hoi An and Da Nang. Most travelers choose this route. It should take one to three weeks travel time, depending on speed.

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How much is train from Hanoi to Hue?

How much does it cost to get from Hanoi to Hue by train? The train ticket with Vietnam Railways costs from 347,000 VND for Hard seat, 496,000 VND for Soft seat, 753,000 VND for Sleeper-6 Berth and 815,000 VND for Sleeper 4-Berth.

How far is Hue from Danang airport?

Flight distance from Da Nang to Hue (Da Nang International Airport – Phu Bai International Airport) is 41 miles / 66 kilometers / 36 nautical miles. Estimated flight time is 34 minutes.

Airport information.

B Phu Bai International Airport
City: Hue
Country: Vietnam

How do I get from Hue to Hoi An?

From Hue to Hoi An you can travel by bus/van or train+bus (via Da Nang). From Hue to Hoi An you can travel by tourist bus, van, private taxi or train from Da Nang. Travel by bus from Hue to Hoi An takes about 4 hours and travel by train+bus (over Da Nang) takes about 5 hours.

Is it safe to walk around Hanoi?

In Hanoi, serious crimes against tourists are extremely rare, but it’s pertinent to exercise some caution. While it’s generally safe to walk around the streets of the Old Quarter at night, it’s best to avoid the darker lanes after around 10pm.

Do you need a car in Hanoi?

Hanoi is a compressed city, and cars are generally superfluous for anyone living near the center of town. However, a private vehicle is practical for the many expats who live in the peripheral areas of town, such as West Lake and Ciputra, especially for families.

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Is there Uber in Hanoi?

In Vietnam you can use Uber in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city.