How is Wqi calculated Malaysia?

How is Wqi value calculated?

The WQI is calculated by averaging the individual index values of some or all of the parameters within five water quality parameter categories:

  1. Water clarity: turbidity (NTU*) and/or Secchi disk depth (meters or feet);
  2. Dissolved oxygen: Dissolved oxygen concentration (mg/l);

What is the unit of Wqi?

The WQI was calculated using the weighted arithmetic water quality index method which was proposed by Horton (1965), developed by Brown et al. … The weightage unit (Wi) of each parameter was calculated a value inversely proportional to the standard of the World Health Organization (Si) World Health Organization, 2011.

What is Malaysia water quality Index?

Water Quality Index (WQI) – . 76.5 – 92.7.

Which river has lowest Wqi in Malaysia?

Ammonia-nitrogen (NH3-N) was identified as a major pollutant downstream from the Skudai, with the lowest WQI index (i.e. 38). WQI for the Skudai (natural) was 94, i.e., Class I (very clean) category of river water quality. The Senai River has WQI value of 85 and Class II category (slightly polluted).

How is Wqi calculated Malaysia?

WQI = 0.22(siDO) + 0.19(siBOD) + 0.16(siCOD) + 0.15(siAN) + 0.16(siTSS) + 0.12(sipH) 621 Page 3 siDO-subindex is for dissolved oxygen, siBOD-subindex is for biochemical oxygen demand, siCOD-subindex is for chemical oxygen demand, siAN-subindex is for ammoniacal-nitrogen, siTSS-subindex is for total suspended solid.

What does fair water quality mean?

WQI scores from 70-79 indicates fair or marginal water quality that sometimes exceeds guidelines, possibly by a wide margin. WQI scores below 69 indicate poor water quality that often exceeds guidelines by a wide margin.

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