How long is secondary school in Malaysia?

How long is secondary school?

Secondary education (11 to 16 years) Secondary education is for students aged 11 to 16. This includes the following school types: Secondary schools.

How long is secondary school in Singapore?

In Singapore, the system includes six years of primary school, followed by four to six years of secondary school, and one to three years of postsecondary school. The curriculum for primary schools is common for all students in years one to four.

What age do you graduate college in Malaysia?

Higher Education: Higher education comprises certificate and diploma education at polytechnics or colleges from the age of 18. At teacher training institutes, education commences from age 18 onwards. Bachelor’s degree programmes range from age 19 or 20 for three to five years.

What age do Malaysians go to college?

Generally, higher education at the diploma level is for school leavers with a secondary school certificate such as SPM (usually age 17 onwards) while bachelor degrees require post-secondary qualifications such as STPM or GCE A Levels or other equivalent pre-university qualifications (usually age 19 onwards).

What is meant by secondary education?

Secondary education is the stage of education following primary education. … The next stage of education is usually college or university. Secondary education is characterized by transition from primary education for minors to tertiary, “post-secondary”, or “higher” education for adults.

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What are the levels of education in Malaysia?

The education system is divided into preschool education, primary education, secondary education, post-secondary education and tertiary education. It is further divided into national and private education.