How long is the drive from Bangkok to Hua Hin?

Can I drive to Hua Hin from Bangkok?

Yes, the driving distance between Bangkok to Hua Hin is 191 km. It takes approximately 2h 47m to drive from Bangkok to Hua Hin.

How much is a taxi from Bangkok to Hua Hin?

How much will it cost to get from Bangkok airport to Hua Hin? If you choose to take a taxi from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport to Hua Hin your taxi fare will cost around €48 (1,800 Baht), depending on traffic. If you choose to take a VIP 24 bus, your one-way bus ticket will cost €8 (305 Baht).

Is Hua Hin Thailand safe?

Whether or not Hua Hin is your final destination or just a stop on your way south, it is a safe place to visit.

Is Hua Hin a good holiday destination?

This charming holiday resort is a great family destination with a plenty to see and do. It’s surrounded by long, sandy beaches and tall swaying palms, and the city’s popular beachfront is where holiday-makers spend their days. You’ll spot a lot of expats in Hua Hin, residing in swanky condominiums and holiday homes.

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Is Hua Hin open?

Hua Hin’s soft opening for vaccinated tourists is scheduled for Oct 15, according to the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Hua Hin is likely to be the only one of the five destinations scheduled to reopen to vaccinated tourists on Oct 15 to reach the required inoculation rate of 70% for residents.

How do I get from Bangkok to Hua Hin by van?

Van from Bangkok to Hua Hin

Minivans depart from Ekkamai Bus Terminal to Hua Hin every hour from 06:00 to 19:00. It takes about 3 to 4 hours to get to Hua Hin from Ekkamai. Minivans to Hua Hin also leave from Mochit Van Terminal and from Khao San Road.

Is grab available in Hua Hin?

Grab, which launched in Hua Hin on May 17, allows people to book one of its taxis through the Grab app. According to a Grab taxi driver who spoke to Thaivisa, more than 80 people have signed up as Grab drivers in Hua Hin.

Is Hua Hin expensive?

Hua Hin is not expensive at all and is much less in your face than places on the banana pancake trail. FYI,head to the food cour in Bluport Mall for some of the most delicious and carefully prepared food I’ve ever had in Thailand.

How much is a taxi from Hua Hin to Pattaya?

Pattaya to Hua Hin taxi will take you there in 3 hours 45 minutes, the journey cost is from $125. The distance from Pattaya to Hua Hin is 324 km.

Is Hua Hin a nice place to live?

Hua-Hin isn’t only a great place to live because of its warm temperatures and all-year-round sunshine. As well as living near the sea, people there enjoy excellent educational facilities and all the benefits of city life bordering white sand beaches. Here’s just a few reasons why people love living in Hua-Hin.

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Is Hua Hin touristy?

Hua Hin is one of the top tourist destinations of Thailand from its great amount of attractions and activities – plus it isn’t far from Bangkok. The city has many incredible Beaches, mountains, viewpoints, Temples, night markets, water parks, and fine diners for you to choose from and enjoy at any time of the year.

Why you should visit Hua Hin?

Hua Hin offers some of Thailand’s best golf courses and fishing spots, beautiful rainforests and majestic mountains, historical landmarks, world-class beach resorts, and even quirky attractions like the replica villages of Santorini Park (a replica Santorini) and The Venezia (a replica Venice).

Why Hua Hin is famous?

Popularized as a resort in the early-1920s by King Prajadhipok, Hua Hin is closely associated with the Thai royal family and is a quiet and relaxing seaside resort ideal for family vacations, a reasonable 2.5 hours drive down from Bangkok. Until 1934, it was known as Samore Riang (สมอเรียง), or “rows of rocks”.